Service & repair performed with great satisfaction.
Guaranteed service to be done within 24 hours after call booked.
3 months guarantee on workmanship.

We do service & repair on the following:

  • All garage doors
  • All garage door motors (automation)
        Eg: Digi, dc blue, pro-alpha, genie, securolift, infinity, easylift & battery back up motors
  • Most gate motors
        Eg. Centurion, digi, hansa
  • Wooden en Steel sectional doors
  • Wooden en Steel tip up doors
  • Roll up Doors

An overall service will be done on your garage door and automation. Door tension, alignment and overall movement off a door will be checked and adjusted. The shaft, sensitivity, lubrication, fixing points on automation will be checked & serviced.

All moving parts on a garage door need to be oiled on a regular basis

We send a yearly reminder to our clients to book a service.

When does your door / motor need servicing?

  • The door does not operate freely
  • The door is noisy
  • The door does not sit square in the opening
  • The lock does not operate properly (manual)
  • The door does not stay up in the open position, it drops down on it’s own (manual)
  • The door is heavy to lift manually
  • The motor is noisy in operation.
  • The motor runs but does not lift up the door
  • The motor just clicks when remote / control is pressed
  • The light on the motor is flashing


Garage doors / motors do not last forever and should be maintained at least once or twice a year to ensure it stays in good operating condition.

Repair work done: repair-coils-and-springs.png | Garage Doors | Gate Motors | Gate Automation | Garage Door Repairs | Garage Door Motors | Automatic Garage Doors | Garage Doors Johannesburg | Garage Door Automation

  • Garage doors
  • Spring replacement (extension & torsion)
  • Cable replacement
  • Door off track
  • Bearing plate replacement
  • Roller & pulley wheels, hinges, brackets replacement
  • Jamb arms replacement
  • Section replacement
  • Regular maintenance
  • Bottom seal
  • Handle replacement
  • Drum on Roll up door replacement



  • Receiver replacement
  • Pc Board replacement
  • Internal repair
  • Wall console / cover
  • Sensitivity & limit switch replacement
  • Carriage replacement
  • Drive nut, plastic curve, gear, teeth replacement
  • Shaft replacement
  • Gear assembly
  • Bush and washers replacement
  • Belt replacement
  • Remote setting
  • Battery replacement
  • Master board repair
  • Light covers
  • Digi III upgrade
  • Regular maintenance