If you've ever installed or removed and replaced a door inside the home, you may have finished the job thinking to yourself that it wasn't so difficult after all, even though lining up those hinges took a bit of thought and muscle. Installing what will be the largest door in the home is a little different though. In fact, it is a lot different. Garage door installation, whether manual or automatic, can be both difficult and dangerous. Unless you are an expert this is not a job to be undertaken lightly. Installing manual garage doors is a much easier task than installing automatic garage doors, and unless the installation is done correctly and above all accurately, you can end up with years of problems ahead of you.

Manual garage doors, the ones that you pull up with a handle, are much lighter than automatic garage doors. In this respect they are easier to install, but the measurements and installation has to be precise. Most of the heavier wooden doors are too heavy to be opened manually, and need to be automated. Installation of this type of door definitely calls for a team of experts.

Adams Doors is a company that has over 20 years experience in the installation and in the repair of garage doors, and the installation comes with a 12 months guarantee on new installed automation and a 3 months guarantee on all repairs. If you decide to purchase your own garage door, we will be happy to fit it for you. Simply contact us through our Contact page to arrange for a quotation.