Garage Doors

As well as adding security to a home, garage doors can also add to its aesthetic appearance. There are numerous designs of garage doors available in South Africa, although the old-fashioned swing-out doors that are popular overseas have not caught on in popularity with the South African public. Garage door installers in this country rely on several basic designs. Basic roll-up garage doors are popular among lower priced homes, whereas at the other end of the scale are the solid wooden garage doors of the tip up variety.

It has been shown that upgrading your garage door from a basic design to a mid-tier model has a higher expected return at property resale than renovating your kitchen or main bathroom. Adams Doors have a number of choice sales professionals who have been trained in the art of home aesthetics and will be happy to call on you and give the best advice possible in helping you to select an appropriate style of garage doors for your existing structural design. You can call us at any time to arrange for one of our representatives to call at a convenient time.

On this website you'll find information on garage doors, garage door automation and garage door repairs. Simply click on the appropriate tab to access the page best suited to your enquiry. If you should not find the information you are looking for, drop us a line through our Contact Us page and we'll get back to you with the minimum delay.

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Door width x Door height (standard size)
Single: 2440 (w) x 2130 (h)
Double: 4880 x 2130
Caravan: Single 2440(w) x 2500 (h)
  Double 4880 x 2500
Head: 450mm
Side: 150mm
Back: 3100mm