Garage Door Automation

Adams Doors Installation & Services was established in November 1993, and has been installing new automatic garage doors, automating existing garage doors and servicing and repairing electronic garage doors with or without automatic control. We are based in Alrode South, and service Pretoria, Johannesburg, the Vaal Triangle East and the West Rand.

Why automate?

The high unemployment in South Africa and other circumstances has inevitably led to an ever-rising crime rate, and hijacks are just one of the felonies we have to put up with, and one of the reasons why you should install both automatic garage doors and electric gates. Being able to open the gates to your home and garage doors from within your car is not just convenient; it is a safe and sensible precaution. Attempts at car hijackings do not just take place after dark - they take place blatantly in broad daylight and even at your home. Being able to park your car in the garage and to close the garage doors without having to leave the safety of the car lessens the risk of a hijack.

Garage door repairers

We also carry out garage door repairs and garage door service in all regions of Gauteng Province. Whether the garage doors be of the roll-up variety, sectional doors or up and over one piece doors, allow us to give you a quotation for garage door repairs or for converting your existing doors for automation.